Watch Over Your Heart – by Peter

The heart is the center of our physical life. Without it, life is just not possible.
The heart is also the center of our spiritual life.
Proverbs (below) tell us that we must watch over our heart because it is the wellspring of both physical and spiritual life.

Our heart determines our actions and reflects whether or not God or Christ is the center of our lives.
That is why it is important that we ask God to continually renew our hearts.
Take an inventory of your heart today.
Is your heart where it needs to be or do you need God’s renewal?

Ask God to renew your heart and commit that God will remain at the center of your heart.




“Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life”.

About author

This article was written by ~ Peter Grün McCarthy

Peter Grün McCarthy teaches Information technology, electronics and communication as a College Professor in Norway on a daily basis. He owns the record-lable and Sound studio workshop and he is also a part owner of the popular online Magazine, where he is the Tech Manager, a writer and one of the Editors. Peter has university level education in Science Engineering, Educational Psychology and Firefighting. He has also given lectures in themes like: Quantum physics, Ancient Religions, Mindfulness and other Self-development based themes.


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