What’s Possible? – by Roger Wyer

Today I learned that it’s possible to love myself. And to surrender completely to God.
I was looking for a doorway to abundance – particularly to perfect healing clients. I asked my guardian angel to create the doorway for me and to open it. I saw this was done. But something was missing.

I asked Spirit “What is the name of this door?” The answer was “Grace.” I realized that only grace would allow my dream to manifest. Grace meant to me that this was out of my control. I asked if there was any part of this opening that was up to me. The answer came quickly: “Surrender.”

I’ve spent most of my life trying to surrender completely to God. I understood at an early age that this is what Jesus spoke about in the core of his message. The more I surrendered, the more things came up that demonstrated I had not completed the work.

I asked if this surrender was the final step for me. The answer was “Yes,” and “No.” I understand that any lack of clarity in the messages means something more for me to work out. What was the missing piece?

Again the answer came quickly, “Love yourself.”

heart 4I had been working on this the past few days – with more energy than before – but felt strange saying “I love you” to myself. So foreign.

Through the day I was guided in learning about the relationship between surrender and self love, and how to fully love myself. By evening – the evening of Winter Solstice by the way – loving myself was easy. I’ve spent a lot of time loving other beings – I just never really loved myself. Once I got going, it felt terrific.

In the process, I saw that it was easier to surrender.

And then grace came. I feel the energy flowing in and out of the door – around the door – around me. I completed a ritual in which I wrote and burned everything about 2015 I wanted to leave behind. And another about what I am creating for 2016. I hid that one in plain sight.

Today I saw that what is possible is loving myself. Surrendering completely to God. Opening the door of grace.

Tomorrow I will see what is possible by living this.

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This article was written by Roger Wyer

I am a tree. I arrived in a human package this time. I live in the space between plants and people. From this space I can be helpful. I serve as a plant advocate - I am the voice of Nature. I help people create wildly better gardens and connect them with Nature for healing and spiritual growth.


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  1. Kathleen McCarthy says - Posted: January 11, 2016

    ‘…any lack of clarity in the messages means something more for me to work out…’ Awesome thought Roger. 🙂

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